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The public enterprise "Makjedonski shumi" acts on the whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia and the work is performed in 30 subsidiaries, with approximately 2500 permanent employees. Republic of Macedonia occupies the central area of the Balkan Peninsula, which is mixed with river valleys, ravines and high mountains reaching 2800m altitude above sea level and all that provides conditions for development and promotion of the hunting and the hunting tourism as a profitable economic activity, there is a special position and interest in the public enterprise "Makjedonski shumi" for its improvement and rational use for achieving greater financial effects.

The public enterprise "Makjedonski shumi" operates with 8 hunting grounds, with a total area of 101,758 ha where in optimal conditions, an ordinary deer, an fallow deer, an roe deer, mouflons, chamois, wild boars are raised, bred, and protected and descending in the lowland parts, along the rivers, there are various kinds of a feathered game (partridges, turtledoves, quails, pheasants) and many rabbits. The terrains have different relief forms, rich with running water and different types of forests. They are connected with access roads and equipped with hunting and technical facilities and some hunting grounds and hunting houses offer a boarding house. You can use multiple types of services in the hunting grounds, such as: terrain vehicle, horse, guide service, game driving, dog, weapons and ammunition rental or to look the hunting ground from hunting ambushes and to shoot with a camera.

The hunting ground "Dushegubica"- Kichevo

The hunting ground "Dushegubica"- Kichevo covers an area of 9,800 ha, and the terrain configuration allows a survival and a development of several game species, mostly: roe deer, chamois, wild boar etc.

Public hunting area “Polaki”-Kocani

The public hunting area “Polaki” is located 150 km south of Skopje at the southern slopes of mountain Osogovo, at total surface of 15.250he. The diversity of configuration forms and the significant difference in height (500-2.084m side elevation), the range of various types of trees and abundance of running water during the year enable the regional spreading and survival of many sorts of big games as common deer, fallow deer, roe deer, wild sheep and wild boar. The hunting area has a fenced area of about 1.000 he where game birds are kept for shooting. The accessibility of roads and hunting equipment enable quick and safe hunting in the fenced part of the hunting area throughout the year. Hunters’ Lodge “Pashadjikovo” is located here occupying area of 200m2 and with capacity for 10 people. Besides the Hunters lodge, hunters can also stay in the tourist center “Ponikva” which is situated near the hunting area.

Hunting area “Kadina reka-Skopje

The hunting area “Kadina Reka” is located on the mountain massifs of Karadjica, part of Jakupica, Dautioca, and Aliagica, at total surface of 21.100he, only 25km from Skopje. The configuration of the mountain massifs in the hunting area is characterized by special heterogeneity and important height difference of 2.240м, which enables zone spreading of game. The vegetation and climate conditions at the hunting area, abundance of beech and beech-fir woods provide beautiful conditions for living and growth of common deer. The diversity and richness of plants which may be found here enables growing of high grade and high trophy cattle. Besides common deer in the hunting area other sorts of big games may be found such as: roe deer, wild goat, wild boar and bear. Near the hunting area there is a hunter’s lodge with capacity for eight people offering comfortable stay. Due to the vicinity of the Hunting area hunters can also find lodgings in some of the hotels in Skopje.

Public hunting area “Leshnica”-Tetovo

The public hunting area “Leshnica" is located at the east and northeast slopes of the mountain Shara, at surface of 11.930 he and side elevation of 978m to 2.748 m, only 55 km from Skopje,. It distinguishes by big inclinations of the terrain, steep and heavy passable slopes, developed and rich hydrographic network and several glacier lakes. The structure and composition of wood and other vegetation and the abundance of running water are good conditions for survival and development of many sorts of games such as: fallow deer, wild boar, bear, lynx, and etc. There are arranged hunting area lanes which lead through heavy accessible terrains. Wild goat, which is the special attraction and challenge for hunters, can be found at the upper forest border and on the mountainous pastures with rocky surfaces. Besides wild goats, lovers of good and unusual photography have rare possibility to enjoy and take excellent photographs of this breathtaking scenery.

Hunting area “Chestovo”-Valandovo

The hunting area “Chestovo” is located at surface of 7.000 he of plain and ill compositional forms only 150 km from Skopje,. The side elevation in the hunting area is from 58-322 m. The macro climate in the hunting area which is influenced by the Mediterranean and continental climate enables range of more plant sorts of trees, bushes, grass, and crops of corn plants-corn, wheat, barley, rye and everything else which provides healthy and natural food for the game. The abundance of food, as well as the pure running water of river Anska provide ideal conditions for growth of wild rabbit, partridge, field partridge and hunting pheasant. Three- sectioned cage adapted for pheasant chickens is built within this hunting area on 2he in order to increase the interest and the offer for feathery game hunting.

Hunting area “Milisin” - Gevgelia

At the south west part of the Republic of Macedonia, in the region of Gevgelia, near the border with the Republic of Greece at surface of 9.280 the hunting area “Milisin” is located. The hunting area is with developed configuration, various expositions of ground and side elevation of 430-2.165 m. The influence of the Mediterranean climate, and a lot of water currents, wood of beech, enable ideal conditions for the wild boar and roe deer. In the hunting areas there are also fenced areas of 313 he for breeding of wild boar. The fenced area is equipped with hunting equipment and technical structures such being the three-part cage built for breeding trophy wild boars. Hunting within the fenced area is permitted during the whole year, and besides wild boar, the roe deer can also be hunted. There is also a Hunter’s Lodge of 100m2 build on the grounds of this hunting area with capacity for four people.

Besides the given hunting grounds, the public enterprise "Makjedonski shumi" operates also with the hunting ground "Rozhden" – Kavadarci, with a total area of 14.758 ha and with the hunting ground "Koprishnica" – Negotino, with a total area of 13.370 ha. Main commercial game species in these hunting grounds are the roe deer and the wild boar.




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