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Other products of wood

One of the most perspective activities of the public enterprise Makedonski sumi is use of other forest products such as production and collection of medical and aromatic plants. Up to now the necessary attention has not been paid to this activity of essential importance. With the undergoing of the project on managing with other forest products the public enterprise is more serious and more studious in solving this problem in the current 2009. This project development will continue in the following year, too. The first step to project realization is the obtained Agreement, number. 09-6795/2 from July.29.2009 issued by the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water management for issuing agreement to the public enterprise for utilization referring to giving permission for collection of other forest products in the forest to other legal subjects and individuals, made on the basis of article 72 paragraph 3 of forestry law (Official register of RM number 64/09).

For that reason according to article 14 of the Rule Book of the Law for utilization of collecting other wood products (Official register of RM number 54/00 ), and regarding article 2 of the same role book, other legal subjects and individuals can also get permission to collect other wood products such as fruits, and medicinal plants or their parts, flower, mushrooms, lichen, moss, seed ,resin and other forest fruits. The public enterprise Makedonski sumi, will give the permission, by means of concluded agreements for collection of other forest products to all legal subjects and individuals, who would like to collect forest products.

That will lead to full realization of the Agreement, number 09-6795/2 from July.29.2009 on permitting collection of other wood products by the Ministry of agriculture, forestry and water, thus increasing the income that comes from other forest products.

At the meeting of the managing board on September.28.2009 the decision for approval of new proposal price list for defining of recompense for giving permits for collection of other forest products is accepted. Companies which submitted requests to the public enterprise Makedonski sumi for issuing permit for collection of other forest products make proper agreements for dealing with these activities.

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