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Mito, corruption, theft of wood and other abuses in the forest.



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About woods

Wood pulp quantity

The wood pulp quantity should be planned based on managing plans for forests for their commercial use.

Every previous to next year, based on managing plans for forests, production-financial plans are prepared and made at the subsidiaries of Makedonski Sumi.

Utilization of wood pulp quantity by the public enterprise is not in conformity with the anticipated. The utility coefficient of felling trees wood pulp quantity ranges around 0,70 in ratio to the possible anticipated coefficient given in the special woods managing plans. This problem is closely connected with volume cutting planning ,openness of woods, seasonal character of road infra structure, unsuitable and old mechanization, unfair competition of fire wood market and etc. The unfair competition of fire wood sale is presented at the market by individuals who offer illegal cut wood in public forests, without any permission. The illegal cut is performed in different ways and means and makes problems for the forestry and public enterprise operation. Because of the stated reasons a great number of wood quantities in the public enterprise remain in warehouses (to be declassed later) in condition of in complete used wood pulp quantity and because of that serious damage and loss is made.

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